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eBay listing view importance

eBay has always kept its seller on their toes, they need to be updated and informed in order to stay ahead of the competition they face.

Cassini, the search engine that came out in 2013 and the result of this introduction were that the sales on eBay have never been the same again; Cassini is all about reflecting how much value you can bring to the customer as a seller. Cassini makes sure that the buyers have a good experience. Make sure that you as a seller knowingly or unknowingly don’t do something that pushes you down the search engine decreasing your chances of being a successful seller.

Therefore at times, it’s completely ok to delete a listing if it already has a lot of views and still does not sell and make a new one, because the older the listing gets without anyone purchasing it, the more its ranking will get pushed down, Cassini would automatically consider it as an unsuccessful listing. Therefore the universal truth for eBay selling is that to reach a good number of buyers, it’s important to stay high on eBay search engine.

Now that we know how important the number of views of your eBay items is, it’s essential that the seller understands how it can be done, let’s look at the steps:

  • Once you login to your eBay seller account, open the eBay seller hub.
  • Select the ‘Active Listing’.
  • Once you have selected active listing columns for Actions, photo, Title, start date, Current price, Views, Watchers, Bids and time left will appear. Here you need to select the column ‘views’.
  • If you fail to find this column, then all you need to do is customize the same.
  • Click on the customize option and after that, the heading ‘Pick columns you want to view’ will appear.
  • Select the columns you want to view
  • Once selected click on ‘apply’.
  • It is possible to arrange columns the way you like and even sort the columns.

It’s important for the sellers to understand the fact that a lot of views can push their listing down in the search engine, make sure that there is nothing that hurts your sales.

Being able to see the number of page views can help get the seller a look at the placement of his item and help get that much wanted top spot, and also helps them understand the fact that too many page views with no actual sale can hurt the seller much more, the item listing can also be pulled off, therefore, it’s an important information for sellers than they realize.