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Guide for writing an eBay description

Whenever you walk into a brick and mortar store, ideally you would go near the item you want to purchase and wait for the salesperson to approach and describe the item as well as answer your queries, in case of eBay or any other eCommerce website there is no salesperson waiting for you to arrive and provide you with all the information about the item. It’s the photograph and description you can rely upon to attract customers, eBay description also reflects your image as a seller and not just your item. Your item has an identity with the help of photographs and the descriptions you give.

Hence it can be established that description is, indeed a very important part of your listing.

Characteristics of a good description are:
  • Informative
  • Honest and truthful description
  • Being honest about the condition of an item whether it is new, old.
  • Clearly mentioning the scratches or fading that has occurred.
  • Clear and direct
  • No extra information that isn’t required
Seller Policies in Description? Take it easy

Don’t go about writing long and endless seller policies in your description, buyers will just find it overwhelming and well, no matter how many policies you list the basic Money back guarantee of eBay will apply; therefore the policies of eBay will dominate all of your policies. The buyer might just move on to next seller who is less complicated.

Give the complete information:

Inform your buyers regarding the size, brand, genre, color, and country of manufacture; fill the entire information, it’s always better to provide more information as it may help your listing to rank higher in the search.

Don’ts of Description writing:

eBay being an extremely crowded marketplace there are chances you might get lost in the crowd if you don’t follow the instructions and do your selling right.

  • Don’t use those cheeky keywords trying to impress your customers
  • Be a little subtle and use a pleasant language

Certain listings set the buyers off and they look for another seller (which, by the way, isn’t hard thing to do) hence being careful about what you do and do not write is crucial to a successful selling.

Let’s look at one example

Kellie Column Ruffle Maxi Dress

This beautiful red Maxi Dress is pre-owned and shows some coffee stains on the sleeves, despite the stains it is still in great condition, no hole. This elegant maxi dress will make you stand out in any party, rock in this maxi with a trendy bag and cool flats.

Size: Large
Color: coral red
Fabric: georgette
lining: crepe

As the example shows, it has been clearly mentioned that the dress is pre-owned, and also has stains, telling your buyers all the crucial details is the best way to gain trust and receive a good feedback.

Not just this, if in case there is a dispute over a claim and if you have clearly mentioned everything on your description, it will help eBay to track down your case and solve it in a just manner, it’s important to be clear on your end and if buyer fails to read, it wouldn’t be your fault in the end.