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Tips for getting Excellent feedback on eBay

If you are serious about making money through eBay, one of the most important parts to pay attention to once you have created your online shop is obtaining top notch feedback and 5-star ratings for your products and the service you provide. When you list your product on eBay you are responsible as the seller for being truthful about it. If you aren’t, or any aspect of your service is substandard, you can be sure your customers will let you know about it! Having a poor reputation on eBay is basically a death sentence when it comes to trying to make a living via the site. If people do not trust that you are a good seller, they simply will not buy from you. There is too much competition out there, even if your product is reasonably unique, and so if your feedback is anything other than fantastic, potential buyers will look elsewhere regardless of your pricing, or shipping costs. So how do you ensure you get great seller ratings on eBay? Well luckily there are some foolproof ways of selling that will ensure you will receive great feedback each and every time.

Invest in a high-quality product

Whatever it is that you are selling, make sure you are happy with it. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, if you received this product through the post would you be pleased? People don’t mind paying a bit more for high-quality goods, but if something was made using shortcuts, or on the cheap, and it breaks or falls apart before it has even arrived on their doorstep they won’t be happy at all. If you want to make money, you need to be willing to invest in products that will impress.

Leave good feedback yourself

Buyers can be lazy when it comes to leaving feedback regardless of the kind of experience they have had. In fact, as with every type of buyer/ seller transaction, people are far more likely to pipe up and leave negative comments if they have had a bad experience, then they are to leave great ones if they have had a good one. If you leave good feedback on buyers profile using the eBay seller feedback tool, they will get a notification this has happened, and it is therefore far more likely that they will be prompted to do the same for you.

Offer a returns policy

Offering a returns policy can seem scary, but the reality is that very few customers, on receiving a product, end up being so disappointed with it that they wish to return it. offering a returns policy gives them an option to do so, showing that you will always put the customer first, however it also shows you believe in the products you are selling and this speaks volumes to potential buyers.

Answer questions quickly

If you get any questions about your product answer them quickly and fully. These could be from a potential buyer asking for clarification about the details of your product, or from someone who has already bought it or received it. It is important to answer questions as soon as possible so as not to leave customers feeling deflated or annoyed. If you respond in a timely manner and try to resolve any queries as quickly as you can then your customers will feel looked after, and, even if they are disappointed in the product will be more receptive to finding a solution.

eBay and EasyStoreHosting is a fantastic website for those wishing to start an online store, but as a seller, you can fall at the first hurdle if you don’t pay attention to your customers. By following the above tips you will leave your customers feeling satisfied and positive about their transactions with you, and therefore, your rating, excellent reputation, and therefore sales will continue to grow and grow.