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Make Your Listings Stand Out and Sell

Many sellers wonder how they can get their products to stand out on eBay. There is so much competition for almost every product out there that unless you are selling something utterly niche and unique it can be overwhelming to know what to do. It is good to understand the tricks and tips that can make your items get noticed above your competitors. The good news is that there are many ways that you can improve your chances of getting buyers interested in your products, and, once they do, closing the deal.

A good place to start before you create an online store is by thinking how a buyer would think. Try to see things from their perspective, ask yourself “why would someone want to buy my product?” Think about who your target audience is, are you trying to get the attention of a young, trendy buyer, or is your product more likely to appeal to an older generation? Are they male or female? Will they be looking for the highest quality product, or searching to bag a bargain? Knowing your customer is imperative if you want to understand what their online shopping habits will be, engaging them, and reaching the ultimate goal of making a sale. If you use eBay as a buyer personally, you will also be able to gain experience about why you chose certain products above others - what makes you first notice them? What holds your attention? What ultimately makes you part with your money for them? Think about that and use the information when constructing your own product eBay listings or online store.

Research is also key. Before you even list your product on your eBay seller site, you should look at what people are buying, what are the items that everyone wants right now? What are people interested in? Of course, there can be fluctuations, but also there are patterns. There are some great resources out there which can explain how successful product sales have been made historically, you need to take this information and use it to understand how your product will sell in the future.

Looking at the completed listings on eBay is another useful way of finding out about different products success rates when it comes to creating an online shop. You can see how well similar products have done, whether they sold well or not at all, and can use their successes and failures to drive how to market your product. Seeing listings that sold well, how they were presented, their photos, their description, their price will provide you with a good idea of what works. But pay attention to what didn’t sell as well, as this can be just as useful when it comes to learning what not to do. You could also use Terapeak, a very popular research application which lets you look back at eBay sales data over the last year, and will help you improve your own online sales. Another good tip is to use the eBay sellers feedback tool - take a look at ratings and reviews of your competitors, what are people saying about their products and why?

Did you know eBay has its own radio station? Well, it does, and listening to eBay radio can be a fantastic way to pick up some top sales tips. They have great guests, and advice from successful online buyers, sellers, and business people. You can also call in and they will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Experimenting is also key. Don’t worry if at first your products don’t sell. The best online store builders will understand that not everything can sell successfully at once. When your eBay listings have completed, go back, look at what you did, examine every detail of it, change things and try again. Did you pitch your price point too high? Did you make the product sound interesting/ useful/ high quality/ exciting? You don’t necessarily have to follow the norm - try something a little different to get people’s attention. Unique descriptions, interesting pictures, even humor can all be used. You never know, you might just be onto a winner.