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Price your eBay listings that bring cash

If you thought to be on eBay as a seller is a piece of cake, we suggest you to re-think! eBay, for sellers, is fast-emerging as a challenging platform. The initial excitement of selling products and earning maximum revenue vanishes as soon as a seller notices the tough competition. So much so is the level of competition that you may lose many prospective buyers for a difference of just a few bucks! There are many such sellers around who have priced the same product as yours for a few cents less and that means the buyer would choose them and not you when he/she comes on eBay. So what should a seller do in such a case? How should price eBay product listings?

Before we answer this question, let us first ask you one simple question in response - Are you on eBay to sell a product which has no close substitute? If yes, you really need not worry about the price. You can, in fact, keep the price with a nice profit margin. You can even keep the price to include your delivery cost and offer the buyer FREE Delivery option. But this suggestion to be followed only if the product you are listing on eBay has no close competition or substitute. Or in other words, when you enjoy a kind of monopoly in a context of your product features or type!

But if the product you are planning to sell on eBay has many substitutes and even better products available, the pricing has to be done cautiously. You can follow these principles while eBay listing pricing calculation -

1. Take out some time to check what prices are being fixed by your competitors.

eBay is now a huge market where every second seller is registered. This is no more a positive point rather a big disappointment for the seller as he or she ends up facing tough competition. So begin you eBay listing price calculation process by checking out the prices of products similar to yours.

2. Do your cost-benefit analysis.

Selling on eBay does not happen free of cost. Yes, you may not be paying any showroom rent or salesman salary but there are certain expenses that you have to pay. A seller pays a fee to the eBay which has been hiked recently. Sometimes, the seller also has to pay a part of final sales price to eBay. An ever-increasing fee of eBay is one reason sellers are looking out to import eBay listings to some other online selling portal. Keeping in mind the fees and expense involved, you can calculate the total cost of goods to be sold on eBay.

3. Keep FREE DELIVERY cost also in mind.

Some sellers lure the buyer by giving a FREE DELIVERY option. So you need to include the cost of FREE DELIVERY as well before fixing the price of your eBay listings.


Some sellers follow the policy of giving discounts on an already higher price. Discount and Sales are attractive words and they tend to tempt the buyer. But a smart buyer would notice that your discounted price is same or still higher than other sellers. In that case, you might not get much benefit of offering a discount.

5. Neither too high nor too low

The best way to fix the price your eBay listings is to go for an average price. Do not fix the price too high or too low! A very high price would discourage the buyer and an extremely low price would give you no benefit. Moreover, low prices make the buyers suspicious and they start doubting the quality of a product. So it is advisable to fix a normal price for your product that will help you earn sufficiently enough from eBay.

eBay sellers are finding it tough to survive on the portal as increasing competition has reduced their margins. So they are looking for a substitute online digital selling portal which gives them the freedom to sell their products without charging a high fee. There are many such portals where you can set up you online shop and sell online by importing your eBay listings easily.