Six Great eCommerce Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

eCommerce Podcasts

Some of us are auditory learners, we learn by hearing and listening. We understand and remember things that we have heard, by the way, it sounds and we have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones. Often times, people like us are found humming...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Reviews

Product Reviews 12x more trusted

Whether you have your own website and an online store or you simply enjoying shopping online, you really don’t need anyone telling you the importance of product reviews. But, to validate that perception, let’s throw in some data and statistics, and what we see is that reviews...

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How To Increase Your Online Sales

Way to Boost Your Online Sales

About Us

People do business with People they know, like and trust. The importance of interpersonal relationship cannot be undermined in business because ultimately people buy from people. For an online Sales business, it is even more important to think of ways that help people to connect...

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eBay Spring Seller Update 2015

eBay: Revitalizing Online Marketplace

In an attempt to create a more intuitive buying, selling and search experience, eBay has announced, as part of eBay Spring Seller Update 2015, changes that will be applicable to product listings and auctions.

From May 1st, 2015, eBay community will be required to participate in what is...

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