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Why amazon so amazing for sellers?

We all very remember the fact that Amazon started as a site that sold only books. But that was 2 decades ago! Today, Amazon is the most popular name of online shopping worldwide. From 1995 to 2016, what has Amazon done so brilliantly to be the most favorite digital buying/selling platform both with buyers as well as sellers?

There is no denying that fact that Amazon is now one of the top 3 online selling portals and everyone who is aware of about Internet buying and the seller knows this brand name. In a way, the ever-increasing popularity of online selling has resulted in making Amazon as one of the preferred online selling platforms for the sellers as well. An ordinary seller, who wishes to make extra money by shifting the focus from retail to digital, is considering Amazon as his first choice.

Statistically speaking, Amazon has been claimed to be doing better than eBay and has been climbing to the Number One spot recently when it comes to online shopping portals. Historically, eBay has been a pioneer in this field and has an extensive network all around the world. But whatever the case be, Amazon is becoming a darling with all those sellers who are interested in spreading their wings online.

The reasons for the same being -

1. For lifestyle products

Amazon is more popular amongst all other digital selling platforms when it comes to lifestyle product shopping. So this is one genre which gives the advantage to Amazon.

2. Everything is available at Amazon; from mobile phones & accessories to books to daily use stuff

This is another big advantage for Amazon as it has not restricted itself just to books or lifestyle products. You can shop anything ranging from mobile phone to mobile cover through Amazon. This is one reason sellers of all kinds of products are considering Amazon as a robust platform.

3. Technology context

When it comes to the interface of Amazon, most of the experts feel that Amazon has got a very user-attractive interface where all information is displayed orderly for the convenience of the reader. So if you are a presentation-conscious seller, we advise you to go ahead with Amazon. Amazon App is also believed to give a smooth and highly functional experience to buyers.

4. Sale statistics

Amazon has reported more sales figure than all other digital selling platforms. Obviously, each seller goes digital with a motive to earn revenue. If Amazon is emerging to be the choicest platform with buyers, sellers would for sure prefer to put up their product listing on Amazon.

5. Consumer service

Amazon is believed to have better consumer interaction and a stronger buyers/sellers policy. A seller’s money is not much at risk when products are sold through Amazon.

Amazon is quite innovative with its services and features as well. So as a proactive seller, being on Amazon could be great for you. However, this does not mean that you will not be incurring any fees or expenses thereon. Not every seller is making huge profits on Amazon and there is tight competition among sellers and price wars are common on Amazon!