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E-Commerce Opportunities - Should You Rent Or Buy an Online Shop?

Being indecisive when it comes to choosing whether or not to rent an online shop or just buy it?

Here are the possible scenarios that can happen…

Most online shops can be either original or rentable depending on whom you are dealing with. The web store can be an open or closed source, but this is only true for original web shops. When it comes to e-commerce sites that have an annual or monthly rent, they have modules that are built-in by default and do not have an original domain name, and you have to go through a lessor. You cannot choose a domain name (top level) freely.

Domain names play a significant role when it comes to site ranking and popularity as well as having visitors and traffic. If you change your domain, it will take its toll on your data and will be lost forever. Because you are only renting it, a leased website is very limited when it comes to options. Almost no customization is allowed, and it’s just a ready-to-go site for you to rent, but slightly cheaper than an original website.

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Leased websites are, however, best options when it comes to getting your content fast and setting up something in the quickest way possible. One more plus is that if your rented domain already has a ranking in most search engines, then you’re good to go.

For business owners who are just starting out, leased websites may be the best option for their budget because an original, full-blast website can take months to develop and it will require them a lot more money and sophistication.

PPC or pay per click options is also available for these leased online shops so your money will not be put to waste especially if you are just starting out.

But nonetheless, most companies still want the unique and original website design, mainly because you are building a brand for them and they want to be known for uniqueness, unlike any generic business. Small-time entrepreneurs can go with the leased version, but original website is better for big companies due to graphic designs and features.


The unique design’s advantage to larger companies is that it will help them boost their particular needs in the enterprise, such as to highlight products, to give customers better insight of what they do and what they make, and other things. Shopping online should be done easier when it comes to building an online store, and you have to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs through a custom website.

Having a custom made invoice system can also help not just big companies with particular needs but also small-time businesses that are starting out. Perhaps leased versions are good for starters, but when you grow as a business, custom online shops might be a better option.

When it comes to importing and exporting data, custom web shops also have the technology and expertise to help your business grow and analyze your pricing. Lesser companies might not be able to provide you with such a service since you are only renting the web shop. A web shop that is built, designed and managed carefully and smartly will bring success to any company.

As a whole, if you are an individual company that wants to grow and has particular needs, then you might wish to have a fully customized web shop.