Do Online Sellers care about the feedback left by buyers?

Take customer's feedback seriously.

Feedback key to success, be it a multinational chain startup or an individual, only through feedback we can improve ourselves. Improvement come through feedback, if the seller doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong how would he work towards changing it? Feedback being a very important aspect in personal...

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Faceted Search: The Most Important Feature For Online Store

Faceted Search: The heart of your online store

What is faceted search?

Imagine having to go through the entire inventory to find something that you want, it is logically not possible. The person searching for a particular item might just leave the website within a few minutes, this is the reason faceted search...

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3 Secrets Of Becoming A Top Online Seller

Secrets Of A Successful Online Shop

Online selling being such a hot topic of discussion, there are no secrets left! In fact, successful are those sellers/retailer who started early and on multiple platforms. Sellers who did not stick on to just eBay or Amazon ended up making more profits than others. The reason...

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4th of July and eCommerce

4 Technical Tips on Discount Codes

The US independence day is drawing near and it’s July’s trademark holiday. A popular long weekend to fire up the BBQ, beer, and fireworks; 4th July, unlike other big shopping holidays, is also best suited for in-season purchases. The upcoming back-to-school season is the reason why...

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