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Google WebmasterGoogle Webmaster Tools

When it comes to doing business online, it is important to learn and know what’s going on with your website. When you look out for the activities on your website you will come across information that will help you make decisions. google Webmaster is one such tool which acts as your tell-tale for everything related to your website so that you have the information available to you which you shouldn’t really overlook.

If you are keen on learning more about the tool yourself, check out this link. However, you really do not have to go into the details since once you sign up for an online store with EasyStoreHosting this will be integrated by default.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Starting from where your most visitors come from and how much time do they spend on your website to finding out which online campaigns generate the most traffic to your website and convert those to sales leads, is all covered by Google Analytics.

Once synced to your website, you can define your target, i.e. how would you ideally like to measure your success. Then after, you can choose from multiple options to be displayed on the dashboard and you can see them easily with just one click. In short, Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic and all stores hosted on EasyStoreHosting have this feature enabled from Day 1.

Google FeedGoogle Shopping

For eCommerce, content marketing is a powerful medium to share and promote what’s new in the market & industry. The regular updates keep customers and potential customers posted on what’s coming up. Similarly, to grow your online store sales you need access to various industry and market news and with humongous information available on the internet, it can be extremely time-consuming to separate the wheat from the chaff. To help combat this battle, use Google Feed. In simplest terms, it is a regularly updated summary of web content that you subscribe to. It is a tool which will gather for you only the type of articles and news you are looking for and you can set the frequency of feed updates to suit your pace.