How To Add Length Class In A Product

How To Add Length Class In A Product?

You can define the length of a product from Storepanel. You need to follow below steps. Step: 1 First you need to add the length class. For that
  • Login to Storepanel
  • Click on systems and go to Localization
  • In that go to Length Class and click on + sign to add a length
  • Click...
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How To Add Brands In Your Online Store

How To Add Brands?

You can add brands that you are selling.
  • Go to Catalog
  • Click on Brands/Manufacturers
  • Click Insert
  • Type manufacturer or brand Name
  • Upload logo of that brand
  • Click Save.
Now you can add your products in the respective brands. For that
  • Go to Catalog
  • Go to storepanel
  • Click on catalog and go to products
  • Select any product and click on Edit
  • The product...
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How To Add Products In An Online Store

How To Add Products in an online store?

add products
  • Go to Catalog
  • Click Products
  • Click Insert to add a new product
  • Enter the Product Name
  • Type a description here
  • Enter all product details
  • Now go to Advance tab for advance details
  • Click Save
Check your storefront homepage whether it is showing there or...
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How To Set Products on Homepage?

How to Set products on Homepage?

You can display as many products as you want on the homepage. There are two modules for this, one is the latest products and second one is called featured products.

Latest Products:

These are the products that you add in your store recently. It updates automatically on your store. You do not...
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