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Induscraft:  Ride on eCommerce Wave


Home and furnishing market though considered quite unorganized is rising in popularity in Indian market. With the Indian retail industry booming, home and furniture market is pegged at nearly $20 billion, and furniture sector alone segments for half of it.  Indeed an attractive avenue especially when clubbed with the equally or even more scaling eCommerce industry.

Going back to 2004:

eCommerce has been a roller coaster ride over the past few years. But for Induscraft, it has actually been a ride with a thrill even before eCommerce picked up full steam in India.  Being in the furniture retail business for long, they had known the two major perils within - pricing and trade credit.

In retail, pricing strategies are central to reaching the goal and given that, they were determined to bring about a change in the way they did business. With advice from early stage eCommerce enthusiasts, Induscraft baited the hook on Baazee, India’s largest online marketplace then.

This step was an obvious attempt to reduce the overheads and cut down the transaction costs of inventory management and distribution. In late 2004, Induscraft became one of the very first online sellers on eBay, courtesy the acquisition.

The expected outcomes were apparent and having a store on eBay had its own benefits: reach more customers, serve existing customers more efficiently through proven widely used systems.

The online presence thrives:

From 2004 to 2011, Induscraft continued to sell through eBay. Foraying into less explored markets then and tap the potential gave an immense confidence to make eCommerce the sole way of doing business, convinced that both goals: “Effective Pricing” and “Trade Credit Elimination” were being achieved.

Striving and thriving on online marketplace comes with its own set of challenges, though. Once the sales pick up the transaction costs shoot up. While it means that you are growing, it also defines, in some ways, the purpose of selling online. More so with the goal that Induscraft had.

The year 2011:

Induscraft is not only a retailer but a manufacturer too. They are as much passionate about making beautiful furniture as much about selling it well. From a change of mindset to big moves, 2011 was the year of transformation once again. This time, they truly wanted to take the business online. Induscraft team explored options and it comes out they were demanding. They wanted to do everything it takes to make a website with an appropriate theme, populate it with products, decide shipping strategies and integrate payment gateways. And all of this without them getting involved in this whole project.

They had one more critical condition - the transition to new, own website must ensure that Induscraft does not lose touch with their customers in the marketplace; for that would be the fuel for the new engine!

Our proposition:

Decide what you want to sell online. Focus on Sales. Do not sweat the small stuff.

Our 3-Step Approach:

  1. Check-out the look and feel. This will give you an idea about how your own store will actually look.
  2. If you like what you see, tell us to build your store.
  3. Our commitment:

- We will NOT ASK you to indulge in Do-It-Yourself tools to set up your store. We offer to work with real people.Rather software developers who are dedicated to ensuring your  sales engine are always running and is fueled from time to time, as and when you need to  make alterations. They will build the store for you.

- In a rather easy way, we will offer you the technology eCommerce giants deploy. Simply  put, the best search features used by eBay or Amazon are all a part of our package.

- Satisfaction Warranted and Money-back Guaranteed.

Bang! ESH turned out to be a bespoke partner.

The Transition Phase:

In anticipation of this website building event, Induscraft had set aside a weeks’ time to populate their new website with product images and descriptions. One can imagine how tedious it is to upload all of such information into a new system which perhaps comes with its specific features.

Induscraft asked us to make the website live after a week so they could have all products displayed and ready to sell.

ESH response - “You do not need one week. You need little less than an hour to get this done. You do not believe us, do you?”

Certainly, they did not. Until we told them about this unique tool which captures, transports and displays all eBay products into their own website on one click and totally FREE!

One thing led to another and before either party realized, ESH is Induscraft’s technical arm. Induscraft focuses on manufacturing, sales, and ESH ensures the website is always up and running. For ESH that is the goal. In spite of operating in a highly technical domain, we want to remain true to our philosophy. we believe in conversations, no Do-It-Yourself manuals.

As Induscraft’s online business grew, often times they wanted to add or remove features on their website, wanted to integrate new payment gateways and at times just random technical questions coming from a layman. But as said earlier, ESH technical team actually serves as an extended department of Induscraft and its as easy as having an internal communication, taking a quick stock of things and getting it done.

Unlike wait a long feasibility report from a service provider and then meandering through various check-posts: sales representative, software expert, design guy, security, integration expert et al.

The Journey Continues:

Induscraft’s real goals continue to be achieved - more time for core business i.e. manufacturing, reduced overheads, increased sales focus and staying upbeat in eCommerce.

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