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Create Your Own Online Store From eBay Listings.Ebay listings

As an eBay seller, we are sure you must have already been exposed to a wealth of eCommerce operations, knowing in and out what makes the online shopping world go around!

Once you are associated with a marketplace like eBay, you get accustomed to some (rather most) eCommerce systems and practices. And for that matter, those systems are the cutting edge, widely accepted ones in the eCommerce  business.

Now that you have chosen to build your own online store, are you apprehensive about the trade-offs? Of course, you might be; but believe us when we say that EasyStoreHosting has been ideally built to enable experienced eBay sellers to run their own show without compromising on the rich features of a well-established marketplace.

The day you started selling online, you already took the plunge to immerse yourself in business waters. We need not tell you how to sell and where to source your products from!

But, what we would really like to share with you is “How you can link your eBay store to your newly owned online store”.

  1. Build your online store with the design of your choice.
  2. Import eBay listings to the online store and keep the product inventory synced between eBay store and own store, in real time and always.
  3. Display your hard earned eBay feedback scores on your own online store too. We want to ensure your well-earned reputation as eBay merchant stays with you all along.
  4. Know your customers and stay in touch with them effectively.

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