Import eBay Customers

Give Your Customers A Reason To Feel Connected To Your Brand. Invite all your eBay customers to your Online Store

We Value Our Customer's Customer Too. Manage your customers your way and encourage them to buy from an online store and save a lot of money on transaction fees.

Once the products are imported, the online store is set-up; it's time to invite customers to your own online store. Similar to eBay product tool, there is eBay customer import tool which allows you to manage your customers your way and redirect them to buy from your store and helps you save a lot of money on transaction fees.Ebay Customer import

With this eBay customer import tool you can import your eBay customer details - name, address, contact information, etc. and it also automatically creates an account with unique login id password for customer/s. You will be able to send them their account details, promotional emails, and a discount coupon to encourage them to buy products from your online store.