We Do-It-For You

We are not the typical Do-It-Yourself online store. We are the Done-For-You kind of online selling platform.

We will build, set-up, and design the store for you. We will also import your products, maintain your display, monitor you sales, and more. Because we believe that having a business shouldn’t mean consuming time in the technical details. Rather, business owners should focus more on growing their business and consumer base.

Click and Launch

All you need is your brand, store name and store concept. With the click of a button, we will carry on with getting you all setup to launch your store. We’ve made everything so simple for our users to the point where we will take care of everything.

Personal Touch

We provide powerful, expert and personalized solutions to creating your online store. Our 24/7 dedicated support staff will personally get in touch with you to get a sense of what you want and need. We know that communication and conversation can go a long way. We therefore encourage you to reach out with anything that you need. We are more than just scripted responses or automated instructions. We like to keep our relationships with our users on a personal level.