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Step Into The Light: How To Win Customers Online

Tanya wears her pride

The overwhelming response from her customers gives Tanya an adrenaline rush to stay tough amidst the competition. A small yet strong voice in her head echoes, “Why to illuminate only one place when you have an opportunity to widen your horizon?”

Basking in the glory of increasing fan following, Tanya draws up her head in pride for the love of retail therapy. Today, as she winds down after a day of hard work, she finds herself in a total recall of following her ambitious dreams: scouting options, getting her hands on a ready-to-use yet customizable solution, launching her own e-store, leveraging technology to make her life easier, and finally being able to use her new-found free time for her favorite indulgence.

Her own store gets full and undivided attention from her. She has been engaging in conversations with her customers, providing them an experience as seamless and as effortless as possible. Embracing real-time conversations to answer customers inquiries and resolve queries keeps her ahead in the competition.

The real champ Tanya definitely considers eBay as her stepping stone to learning nuances of eCommerce and would not abandon it. Instead, as she gets more involved in this business she gets a pleasure boost from dazzling her customers everywhere. In eCommerce industry, things are expected to happen at a lightning fast speed. With reduced administration and increased market focus, she has become proactive in customer engagement practices. Or shall we say, the therapeutic experiences offered are even more bespoke than before!

Customers love it! Almost every time they make a purchase, they know where they are buying from next. Rightly said, retail therapy is contagious. More and more customers have started sharing their experiences and providing feedback on the services they receive. Reciprocity works. And in a retail business, that’s the game-winning shot. Having created a remarkable reputation as a retail therapist, she is shining among buyers  like a star. Her own e-store is bustling with activity and her eBay store reflects the image of a night sky.

Sometimes we wish we could see the night sky even during the day and similarly Tanya wished she could see these stars brighten her own store too. A smart, connected, web savvy and fiercely competitive Tanya finds her way through this too. A quick chat with her eCommerce partner and she gets a reply, “Consider it done boss!”. In a blink of an eye, she sees a stellar e-store; her own store starlit with the eBay feedback. With an easy to use and a free tool, Tanya can now wear her pride wherever she goes!