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Tanya Delights Her Customers

Tanya has got a hang of online selling now. This gave her the confidence to graduate from sales activity to sales management. Her disappointment of being at a distance from her customers actually made her look for ways to bridge the gap and do things which she believed in. Ownership is the key to give her efforts an identity it deserves.

In search of some place to call her own, Tanya begins hunting for eCommerce platforms that best suit her interest. A series of trials put her in a paradox of choice. Phew! Now she knows why more is less.

However, that profound advice received earlier makes it easier for her to pick one out of many. She is firm to choose the one that allows her to stay in touch with her customers and watches out for her everything else that needs equal attention.

In a perfect world, she was looking for a solution which integrates sales activities of both, her own e-store and that of her eBay account. eBay is where she made her first online sell and those early experiences and memories are too hard to let go. Also, she did not want to fall into the same trap again where she spends more time on maintaining customer information rather than building customer relations.

Tanya’s perfect pick search began and ended with her new eCommerce partner.  All she had to do is instruct once then sit back, relax and think of ways she is going to woo her customers. Here she found herself a cozy spot, her e-store was up and running within a day.

Wondering how was that possible with so many products to be listed, categorized, named, showcased and what not? Thanks to technology and some of its applications.

Using technology to her advantage, she is able to manage in-store logisticseffectively. On one click she can look up for her customer's information and stay in touch with them. No more spreadsheets and searching through emails. Now, whenever she ships a product bought from her eBay store, she also sends notes in the shipment asking her customers to visit her own store and check out what she has to offer.

With this, Tanya is ready to put her best foot forward. Her winning proposition of amazing therapeutic customer delight is coming alive. For the one who believes in experiences, there is no dearth of options. And for someone like Tanya, it was even more interesting to have her own store so she could invite people for real conversations.

One another way she wants to spread cheer is by helping people overcome holiday anxiety. Though shopping should be a feel-good element of the holiday season, research says it actually causes anxiety and sadness. Tanya’s retail therapy clubbed with her new way of managing customer information helps her to assist customers to overcome the anxiety.

How? With the customer management tool she started using, she is able to record customers purchase preferences. She knows if her potential customers have picked a product but did not proceed to purchase, but it's still in the shopping cart. Come holiday season, and she sends out personalized emails and sometimes even handwritten notes asking if that purchase would make their holiday gifting special. It delights her customers that someone is thinking about them. And because the charm of retail therapy is also in getting lucky, Tanya doesn’t miss a chance to send discount coupons to her repeat customers. She knows exactly what is going to make her customer happy.

With all her plans falling in a place she can now go toe-in-toe with her competitors. By taking care of her customers and offering them a WOW experience, Tanya’s fan following is increasing.

Tanya’s Retail therapy seems to be contagious. Next, let’s see how this rubs on to her online business.