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Left Handed Facts and Online Store

When The Right Is Wrong!

It’s not easy being  left-handed in the right centric world. I, being a left-handed person myself, can tell you the subtle difficulties one faces which otherwise seems routine to the larger world. Even the simplest things complicate our lives. From scissors to spiral notebooks (including the check marks in it which always look different!) and tin openers to ice cream scoopers, they all work against us!

 spiral bookcheck mark left hand


Not to mention the shivers down our spine when we enter a room full of these


God must have been right- handed, for this world and everything that inhabits it is naturally suitable for right-handers.Thinking aloud, it does make me believe it takes something special to be a left-hander. Adapting to things, in a world not meant for you, against all odds. Like intelligence, is left-handed then a trait or a skill?

Talking about traits and skills makes me ponder over the various insights and research on anything different, niche - be it a skill, a qualification, a product or an entire market.  The idea is in solving the problem, selling the insight.

Now, being left-handed is a problem, a potential one if you see through a different lens.

Problems present opportunities and this is a good one to have. Left-handers will bless you for providing them what they need, for being sensitive to uniqueness.

Imagine a store full of left-hander friendly products. You may think there are already other stores selling left-handed products and with left-handers constituting meagerly 10% of the world population, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I think you still have an opportunity to be unique. Target the subsets.

I am sure you would have heard or come across what they say about left-handers. Throughout history, left-handers have excelled as leaders, artists, sportspeople, politicians and many more influential positions. Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama , Prince Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Brian Lara, Sir Robert James Charles are just a few examples of famous left-handed personalities.

This tells us that left-handers tend to be creative and they perhaps also have a different stance in sports. Considering this, here is your unique chance to sell music instruments, Guitars especially designed for left-handers.








Thinking about sports equipment, left-handed golf equipment is in demand. Followed by gloves and catchers mitts.

catchers mitt golf golf gloves

For this kind of business, remember you are targeting a very very small part of the universe. You are not looking to reach the masses with this business. Which makes it both: difficult and easy. Difficult because you will have a tiny audience and easy because their preferences are apparent! No hassle,  no paradox of choice. Clear, neat problem solving.

So go ahead, scout, dig and catch ‘em, southpaws.