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A Week After Amazon’s Prime Day Sale

A Week After Amazon's Prime Day Sale

Who Partied Better?

Last Wednesday, 15th July ‘15, was a raging day for online shoppers; courtesy the Amazon Prime Day Sale. It definitely must have created some sort of ruckus in the eCommerce ecosystem, else even after one week of Amazon’s big day (or...

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4th of July and eCommerce

4 Technical Tips on Discount Codes

The US independence day is drawing near and it’s July’s trademark holiday. A popular long weekend to fire up the BBQ, beer, and fireworks; 4th July, unlike other big shopping holidays, is also best suited for in-season purchases. The upcoming back-to-school season is the reason why...

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How To Find Product Sources

Three Evergreen Product Sourcing Strategies

Online sellers, especially those who sell on marketplaces, often want to know what sells like hot cakes. Sourcing, i.e. identifying where to find that product from, is crucial. With the advent of product research tools for marketplaces, we find 1000s of merchants selling the same thing and...

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How To Win Millennials

Marketing and Branding Essentials

The digital natives, commonly known as Generation Y is here. Yes, they have been around since 1980’s but talking about eCommerce they are here now and by 2017 they will be turning into a superpower of the eCommerce industry, holding...

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